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Wed 18 July, 1:25:44pm

Stop blading it across the green; use the bounce  by Chris Kelby, Head PGA Professional

When you're dealing with a reoccurring error in your game, it’s best if you figure out why something is going wrong. That makes it a lot easier to fix.

If you’re prone to blading balls across the green every time you try to hit a chip, you need to know that it’s usually because you’re hitting up on the ball. You should be hitting down on the ball.  That means you want to catch the ball earlier in your downswing. When playing a chip shot we are looking to use both the loft and the bounce of the club to help us gain control.

The way to play it

Start with your setup. Put 70 percent of your weight on the front foot and keep your head over the same foot to stop you from leaning back. The ball should be in the middle of your stance.

To make sure you hit down, get the club to swing up in the backswing. Hinge your wrists abruptly, and then pull through with your left hand. Keep your weight forward throughout the swing and feel the sole of the club make contact with the ground, not the blade.

Remember, you are not wanting the blade to dig in, this causes the heavy contact that you want to avoid.

A good sensation to pay attention to: If your left hand is guiding the impact you’re going to naturally hit more down on it.

This is a very different feeling for a lot of people. Many will worry that they’re going to just hit it heavy and the ball won’t launch at all. Don’t; your job is just to catch the ball on the downswing and swing through; the loft of the club is going to do all of the work getting the ball up in the air.


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